Auditions Policy

  1. All plays produced by Horncastle Theatre Company must be cast through an open audition process.
  2. Audition dates and details must be advertised to all members via email, on social media and on the website. They shall also be advertised in local print media (i.e., the Horncastle News) if possible.
  3. Audition dates and times must also be recorded in the Theatre Diary, located behind the Ticket Desk, no less than one week before the intended date, and in the theatre’s Google Calendar.
  4. Auditions shall be free and open to non-members and members of the public, with no requirement for prior experience.
  5. The Director, Producer, or Choreographer (as appropriate) is responsible for the health and safety of members of the public while in the Lion Theatre, including risk assessments (templates available from the Theatre Manager).
  6. Auditions shall comply with the Company’s Equality and Diversity Policy.