Auditions: My Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier adapted by Diana Morgan, directed by Chris Rozier and Chris Hinkins

Performance dates 7th to 10th September 2022

Auditions will be held at the Lion Theatre, 7 PM, Wednesday 15th June

This is a fascinating mystery/thriller/romance, well adapted for the stage, set in 19th century Cornwall.

The original book is available at a modest cost from the Amazon Kindle store, and I have a pdf perusal copy of the script available on request (my email address is below).

I will also make the audition pieces available on request

The acting roles are:

  • Seecombe (M 50+): old retainer – likeable character, potential for some gently comic acting.
  • Philip Ashley (M mid-20s): sensitive, emotional; naïve
  • Louise Kendall (F late teens/early 20s): attractive personality
  • Nicholas Kendall (M 50+): Philip’s uncle, kind but forceful
  • Rachel (F early 30s): characterful but mysterious
  • Rainaldi (M 40-50): dark, italian 
  • James (M): a (young) servant

It is important to the plot that Seecombe and James should be male.

It is hard to summarise the plot in a few lines, but French’s website offers the following synopsis:

Philip Ashley travels to Italy to find his cousin Ambrose has died suddenly and Rachel, Ambrose’s wife, has gone. Philip returns to England convinced Rachel was responsible for Ambrose’s death, hoping to inherit his possessions. When Rachel arrives in England Philip falls in love with her. One small event after another causes a kind of see-saw of belief and disbelief. Is Rachel a scheming murderess or a grossly maligned woman?

Any questions, please contact Chris Rozier or the committee.

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Auditions are open to all, not just current members, and new faces are always welcome!

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