The Company is proud to present The Gaul, by Janet Plater, directed by Sheena Liversidge.

“Yer Dad’s ship. It’s missing.”

Photography by kind permission of Arctic Corsair: Hull Museums

Photography by kind permission of Arctic Corsair: Hull Museums

Kay’s Dad and brother both work on the ships, so having them come and go is part of the ebb and flow of life. Even so, as she helps Dad to pack for his next trip on the Trawler Gaul, Kay slips her Sindy-doll into his bag, just for luck.

When the 36-man crew is lost off the coast of Norway the close-knit community cling together in the search for the truth. Was the Gaul the victim of a storm, or a casualty of Cold War hostilities? Or is this a case of fault and blame? As the mystery ripples through the years and life moves on, Kay struggles to free herself from the tragedy and all that remains unanswered.

No trawler tragedy has caused as much controversy as the loss of the Gaul in 1974. This play by Hull-born writer Janet Plater explores the journeys of the wives and relatives who were left behind, through the discovery of the wreck by a TV documentary crew in 1997 and the government inquiry in 2004 to the present day.

7.30 PM nightly at the Lion Theatre (doors open 7.00)