At the 2018 AGM, it was agreed to amend the company constitution, including removing the rules for play selection to a separate working document (defined under 7(b) of the constitution) which can be changed at each year’s AGM.

Plays will now be selected for a full year ahead by the Committee, and this programme of productions presented to the Company for voting on, as a whole, at the December business meeting.

The annual pantomime will now be selected from scripts presented to the Company at the June business meeting.

All productions must have been read by at least four members of the Company together. These plays then form a ‘shortlist’ from which the Committee is permitted to select productions.

They may ask a person who wants to direct a play to give a written or verbal presentation, for instance on expected budget or other practical aspects.

The Committee can change the programme without consulting the membership if a play can no longer be staged, for instance if the performing rights are withdrawn.

If a play cannot be put on, a director has no automatic right to choose another, although the Committee may invite them to do so.

The full current rules as adopted on 28.03.2018 can be read below:

Rules for Play Selection